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I am an admitted TV junkie. You’ve heard the expression “raised by a pack of wolves” haven’t you? Well, I was raised by a pack of televisons. I grew up watching the typical TV programming of the ’70’s and ’80’s. We didn’t have cable until I was about 15, so my viewing was confined to the basic networks. Some notable programming from my youth was: Croft Superstars, Scooby Doo, Love American Style, Soul Train, Good Times,  Hogan’s Heroes, Magnum PI,  The A Team, Miami Vice, Airwolf, Friday Night Videos (sort of an Mtv Alternative), wow the list is really too big at this point to list them all.

When I originally created this page, the focus of it was to tell you about what I am watching these days, and to hopefully encourage you to waste some time watching (and becoming addicted) to some of these shows as well. That is still the focus, however, I have to add just how excited I am to see the shift in programming and viewership into the digital realm. Netflix, and Hulu have led the charge here, but now AmazonPrime  has also gotten into the biz, as has YouTube. There is a huge move toward “cord cutting” and moving off cable. Let’s face it, the cable industry has been gouging us for years, and in answer to that new viewing opportunities are springing up everywhere.  Don’t worry…I do also read as well, so I will never run short on entertainment… even on a camping trip (me, camping, as if…).

I have updated the below to introduce you to my current viewing selections. There are great shows out there; now get watching!


Bosch –  A show I just recently discovered as an Amazon Prime member is Bosch. Bosch is the longest running series on Amazon and already in its 3rd season. I just finished binge-watching all three seasons in two week’s time. Based on books by Michael Connelly, this is feels like the new direction for the police genre. Smart, stylish and funny in all the right ways, Bosch, in my opinion, is probably the best show you are not watching. I signed up for Amazon Prime for the shipping perks, but Amazon has definitely made it worth the price of admission. With co-stars like Lance Reddick and Jamie Hector (both from The Wire), Titus Welliver (Lost, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife) delivers a believable performance that draws you into his character and keeps you coming back.

marvel 4way
Daredevil/Luke Cage/Jessica Jones/Iron Fist –  Netflix and Marvel TV have contracted to produce multiple series based on one area in the Marvel Multi-verse. Starting with Daredevil, and working forward to the recently released Iron Fist, all of these series center roughly around Hell’s Kitchen in NYC. Being a huge fan of comic books as a kid, and knowing much of the backstory for these characters, I figured I’d give them a go. While I’ll admit that the acting can be campy and a bit sophomoric at times, this is fun television that in many ways are my childhood comic books come to life. As the genre is gaining a mass following as of late, it was smart of Netflix to invest in this production to round out its original series offerings. The thing I like the best about these shows is the way they cross-over into each other; with characters meandering through the storylines. Just as in the comic books, this brings authenticity to all the series, however, it is done in such a way that if you only watched one of the series, it wouldn’t leave you in the dark.


The Walking Dead – Who doesn’t like the zombie apocalypse? Recently I started taking an informal poll, and found that a majority of women love zombies. I can’t answer why, but I am thinking it has something to do with Zombieland, and possibly the fact that women are always looking for men with BRAINS! Seriously though, The Walking Dead took me by surprise. I thought it was just another show in a long line of media trying to take advantage of a couple of good runs at the zombie genre. What I found was much better than I had expected. This show has heart and soul. While there may be some cheese factor from time to time, this series offers up some thrills, action, and drama enough that it has me tuning in to catch up and stay current. We are introduced to the protagonist in the first episode, but how he is introduced to life after the apocalypse is straight out of a nightmare. Have a look at the first episode. Chances are good that you’ll be hooked.
All good things must come to an end, and some of my previous favorites that started this page are below. These series have ended, but you can still watch the entire series on their  respective networks… or on Netflix and other services. Sons of Anarchy has a spin off series in the works called Mayans MC. This will undoubtedly be good; if not as good as Sons of Anarchy was. If you have extra screen time, and you haven’t seen the shows below, consider investing a bit.

Boardwalk Empire – Boardwalk Empire is a series on HBO about mobsters in Atlantic City during the Prohibition. Set in one of my favorite eras, this drama is a riveting look at a period in our history that still concerned itself with robber barons, modesty, morality vs. immorality, the end of the industrial revolution, and the period of America when the civil war was still something that hadn’t quite worn off of the public psyche, and yet it was overshadowed by WWI. The main character is played by Steve Buscemi, who does a masterful job of tackling a character that is ruthless, and yet quite human. In contrast,  The Sopranos, while an excellent series; was quite a distasteful display of what modern mafioso culture is all about in terms of betrayal, greed, and self-absorption. Boardwalk Empire feels much more palatable from the stand point that during this period in our history, it wasn’t uncommon for the ‘little man’ to get ahead by any means necessary. SERIES ENDED

Son of Anarchy – SOA is a show on the F/X cable network, about a motorcycle club in a small Northern California town. Well written, and well produced by Kurt Sutter. When this show came out, I didn’t watch it. I was in a motorcycle club, and thought, “what do I need to watch a show like that for?” Well, that winter it had snowed, and I was jonesin’ for a ride, so I sat down and watched episode one. Then episode two. Now three seasons later I tell you…”Go watch this series from the beginning!” I am impressed by the versatility of the performers, as well as the quality of the acting involved in this show. This show gets two thumbs up in my book!  SERIES ENDED

True Blood – This show sucks so good! I mean, at the risk of alienating my female friends that relish it, I’ve never read or seen any of the  Twighlight series. Why? Because I am not a teenage girl. This show however is not for the tame, or the young. It is a pure and unadulterated raunchfest. This creepshow has something for everyone. Just watch the opening intro, and listen to the theme song. I think that says it all!  This show is definitely an indulgent fantasy every time I sit down to it. True Blood is full of twists and turns, cheesy lines, silly BS, but it is adult fun that would certainly pull frowns from a less secular point of view.Very well made, and extremely adictive! “I wanna do bad things with you.” SERIES ENDED

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