Ridin’ My Bike

I was always a cager in my youth. I loved, and still love hot rods, classic and exotic cars. When I was in high school, I had a friend named Chuckie that had a couple of old Honda 600 beaters, and we used to rally on the street with no license, no tabs, and no helmets…which led to running from the cops from time to time! Those were some fun times. Well, I moved out to Seattle in ’96, and in 2002 I got a job working for a Harley-Davidson dealer. The dealer was family owned, and the owner was a way cool guy by the name of Russ Tom who was very passionate about the sport of motorcycling. He told us that if we had our endorsements, that we could borrow a used bike and ride it on the weekends. Of course once that happened, I was hooked.

In 2003 I bought my first bike; a brand new 2003 100th Anniversary Heritage Softail Classic. It was all black, and came with all of the bells and whistles such as studded leather saddlebags, passing lamps, fender tip marker lights, and a windshield. What I had really wanted was a Fatboy at the time, but one of my coworkers told me the Heritage was a better deal. I had that bike until the summer of 2006. I am a big guy, and I realized that if I were to do some serious riding, I would need a touring bike.

I had been looking at the FLTRI Road Glides and in July, I traded my bike in and got a black 2006 Road Glide. I loved this bike. The way it rode, the way it handled, the radio, the cruise control, the way it felt with a passenger on it. I put 18″ P.M. Hooligans on it, a custom seat from Rich’s, blacked out the forks…this bike was sweet! Well, I felt I needed to sell her in the spring of 2010, but now I have a 2010 Black Denim Road Glide with the new frame design, and wider rear tire. This bike handles even better than my ’06 did, which helps me not regret my earlier decision.

I was also in a motorcycle club for 4.5 years, which one isn’t important, what is important is that I had that experience, and I was able to do something with a great bunch of guys that I will never forget. Will I join another MC? We’ll see…only time will tell.

Well, that’s a bit about my motorcycle life. What do you ride? Tell me a bit about your motorcycle life.


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