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NEW! Daily Check In #1

Posted in Daily Life on July 17, 2013 by Peter L.
Good morning folks! I know, I know… I promised I’d write, and then I disappeared. Well, I’m here to tell ya that I’m back! Going forward, I plan on posting at least once daily… So here is the first of many to come.
Let me bring you up to speed. So far, this summer has been great. Last Saturday we went to the SUBPOP celebration in Georgetown. Lots of music, food, beer and fun! We had a great time. I have also been riding the Harley all over creation! We went the back way (read country roads) to Monroe, WA on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was amazing.
On the home front, I have been doing a lot of renovation in my backyard. I started by ripping out all the blackberries, ivy and other noxious weeds in my lower tree line. I am now filling that in with a dense layer of mulch. I also re-decked the surface of my deck with choicedek product. I ordered deck boards that were the length of my deck, and then used hidden fasteners. The results were beautiful; the deck has no butt joints or fasteners showing! It look great! See:

Deck-BeforeDeck- After

I have also been working on a new website for myself, and of course when that is finished I will post the link right here, so stay tuned!
Well that’s all for now. Don’t worry though, I will be back again tomorrow.

Hope and bad weather

Posted in Daily Life on July 10, 2012 by Peter L.

You know what I love about living in Seattle? Hope. Hope I say. Unlike other places in our great country (LA, Detroit, D.C.) where hope may not be in strong abundance these days, we Seattle-ites  have hope; we also have bad weather. I’m not sure if these two things are somehow tied together, but what I do know is that we are full of both.

When I moved here 16 years ago, Seattle was spilling forth all the hope and bounty it had to offer. Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks were all sending their products far and wide…disseminating all the hope that Seattle’s potential could support. Even the most popular music of that time (grunge), whilst on the surface seemed full of despair, was full of hope.

Now Amazon is touting its new complex down in the South Lake Union neighborhood ( and once again it fills me full of hope. Hope that the economy is ready to reassert itself in a way we’ve been desperately needing. Hope that Seattle, after a stutter -step, will continue moving closer to be the city that shows the rest why the Pacific Northwest is so viable. This is the new Gotham; the new Metropolis.

Now if we could just get more decent weather.

Absenteeism can hold you back!

Posted in About my Blog, Daily Life, Life in General on June 21, 2012 by Peter L.

Yes this is a true statement, literally as well as figuratively. I realize I have been gone for quite some time,and left my public hanging. I must apologize. Much has happened since my lastpost, so let me string the highlights together, and try to bring you up to date.

May 22:  I was hired and had my first day at

May 23-31:  Basked in the sun in St Petersburg

June 16:  I turned forty (40) WooHoo!!!

There was a bunch of other stuff, but these were the bright points. Having said that, I promise to not only post more here, at Tucker Out and at Dubbed Out, but also to generate more pages of interest right here on CMB!

You know you love me…

Rest In Peace Robert ‘Bob’ Harrison

Posted in Daily Life, Life in General, Philosophy on April 11, 2012 by Peter L.

Someone I love’s father passed on today. It all happened so fast, and at the same time it didn’t. He was 68 years old; far younger than a man should be to be faced with his own mortality. Bob was a family man; loved by his family for being a good example of living life on his own terms. Bob found out that he had throat cancer, and made the attempt to combat the illness that eventually took his life. He went through the chemo and then the radiation, but ultimately the cancer made its way throughout his body.

There is nothing that I can really say about this event. I have both of my parents, who are currently in good health. I can be there for my friend as she deals with the emotions and the logistics of these events. In repose we can reflect on the fact that we have our loved ones and our health for as long as it is afforded us, but that ultimately we are all going together in the same direction.

It is amazing that how we think and feel about ourselves, and our choices in life visit us at these times. Julie was just recently divorced, and interestingly, this was the day of her wedding anniversary as well.

We make choices on how we live, and occasionally how we die. I am saddened by her loss, and recognize the impact that these circumstances will have on her and her family for some time to come. Mourning is a healing process, and we all do this in our own way.

Bob will be missed, but he will also be remembered.

Reflecting on the speed of time

Posted in Daily Life, Life in General on March 6, 2012 by Peter L.

As I approach my fortieth year this year, I feel like I am just about to start my life again. I suppose in a sense I am. If my life expectency is around 80 years, I have reached the half way point. So I have been taking stock of what I am getting right, and things I need to dial in a bit better than I have so far. Life’s little epiphanies often reveal themselves when one looks for them, you know?

I spoke with my aunt today for the first time in perhaps nine or ten years. I almost couldn’t beieve it had been so long. She is my grandfather’s sister, and soon to be 85 years old. I called her in response to the feeling that if I don’t pay creedence to those in my life that “I’ve been meaning to contact” I may not have the opportunity later on. Let’s face it, year by year all of our  “later ons” are diminishing. I have been doing a lot of this contacting over the last decade or so. When my grandfather died back in 2000, I had regret that I had not spent more of my “adult” years with him. I slowly but surely started to acknowledge that life is short, and one way or another we need to stay in touch, and we need to reach out to those whom we have had a relationship with, and let them know that they are remembered.

I have been continually attempting to learn new skills and strategies, as well as gleening as much information I can in the fields that interest me. This also has to do with the speed of time. Now I need to put some of that good knowledge to practical use, and get ready for the second half of my life when it arrives mid year. Great things are getting ready to transpire in my life, and I am ready to shift gears. So time be damned…BRING IT ON!

Got up late

Posted in Daily Life on February 22, 2012 by Peter L.

Jeez! I am sacking so hard this morning. I need to get back on a regular schedule (yeah…right) I am finally up and ready for the coffeehouse, and more job searches. I may try to read a couple of more chapters of The Girl Who Played With Fire. It is sunny today here in Seattle, and I am contemplating that I should go for a walk at some point as well. We’ll see what I manage to do today.