2016…Already EXCELLENT!

I’ve been a slacker. I know, I promise to post and that is right out the window. Well let’s get up to speed shall we?

2015 ended in a somewhat surreal manner. Right at the end of the year the dealerships I was working for as the Digital Marketing Manager for the last 2.5 years decided to sell to AutoNation and CarPros. So right before Christmas I was out o a job! Luckily I was connected with a great guy who owns a little media company in Fremont, and I managed to shift gears without too much stress and without too much grief.

One big highlight of last year is that I lost 45 lbs by years end. My goal was 62 lbs, but hey, there is always 2016 right? The weight loss has been a somewhat passive affair; I reduce what I eat, I walk a bit more and there you go. Well, not this year. This year I will be incorporating vast amounts of activity to my game plan.

2016 is off to a great start; great things are happening, and if I can get myself into a schedule to live by, then you should start seeing more posts by yours truly coming soon, right here on Creatively Modified Behavior. Stay tuned.


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