Beauty all around me…

It’s Sunday morning. The sun is shining, the birds are returning to my yard. Spring is on the way! I am feeling pretty damn good! I am now down 22 lbs, I am feeling like I can accomplish anything these days. Such a huge change over the last 5 years. I was feeling old. I was feeling spent. Life is a young man’s game, and I was feeling like I was spiraling. However, choice is everything. We choose if we are done or if we have just begun. I have a fantastic woman in my corner, I have a new policy on living life. I have a new dialogue within myself and I have discipline and accountability for my decisions. Okay enough psycho-self-affirmation stuff.

Yesterday I again tackled the english ivy on the north side of the house. That stuff is tenacious! I am teaching it who is boss though. Little by little I will tame it down, and get it under control… just like I did in the lower yard two years ago. My motorcycle is almost done with the handlebar upgrade. If I hadn’t gotten a brake line that was made incorrectly, I would already be riding her! Patience wins the day, so I will wait for everything to get buttoned up, knowing that this beautiful weather is just getting started.

Work is going well. Always lots to do, and no shortage of challenges. I am a good fit where I am, and yet my innate restless nature beckons me to look at my options and find a new career that is monetarily superior. I believe the right decision now is to stay the course, build value, learn, and then re-evaluate next year.

Well folks… that’s it for me. I am signing off. See ya next week.


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