Back for more!

So here I am! I told you I’d be posting once a week from now on. Yeah I know, I’m squeaking in under the wire if you start your week on Sunday…

Anyway, what’s new? Well I am down to 290 now. Starting at 307 that’s 17 lbs. I’m on a roll! 

Today I got with it, and went out in my side yard and started attacking the English ivy that has made itself at home, basically squeezing out all else. I made some great headway there, though it beat me up this go around.

Me and the lil lady went out and bought a stovetop wok for a dish that was surprisingly good when I got it done. 

As you know, I have given up on carbs, so I am looking to enjoy some of my favorite meals carb free. I found a recipe the other day for fried rice, using cauliflower for the rice and then the rest is fairly standard. This was a huge undertaking and I left the kitchen a mess, but the results were superb!

A big round of applause to my lil prep chef who cut everything up and measured all of the ingredients for me. She also cleaned up my mess when I was done… The meal was however, fantastic!

What else is new? Well, I get my motorcycle back tomorrow. Had some new handle bars installed, amongst a few other things… I am looking forward to riding her, and testing out the new grips.

Well… That’s all for now. I think I am going to go relax with my sugar pop. Have a terrific Saturday night!


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