Serendipity and a Matter of Life and Death

I know, I know…I told you I’d post everyday. In all fairness, it has been a week out of the ordinary. So the meat and potatoes…

Friday last, I was out riding my motorcycle around in Cumberland and Selleck and other backroads close to home. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and I felt amazing. I stopped at a little convenience store to get myself some coconut water (my choice for hydration). As I stood in front of the store, sipping my drink and checking my phone for email, voice mails and texts, my buddy Ron chimes in with a text. He has gotten a hall pass and wants to meet up for a beer. We decide on Classic’s in Renton because that is at the end of the route that takes me home form where I am currently. Within 20 minutes I arrive, sit down and order a beer. His buddy is working the bar, and we both decide to order some food as well. I ordered the fish & chips and Ron ordered a wrap or something. Meanwhile, a gal who had been sitting by the front door  when I entered Classic’s, moves to the bar…directly across from the table we are sitting at. After making some small talk with us, we invite her to come over and join us, as the music was loud and we were shouting back and forth. She says her name is Sherry and she is a realtor. She just moved to Kennydale, and was out for a bite to eat. She stopped in at Classic’s, but had considered going to Riverrock at the golf course. I told her she made the right decision. I told her that my girlfriend’s daughter works there, and they have changed the menu 3 or 4 times sine we started dating. Anyway, the three of us shoot the shit about the housing market and the state of the economy. After about 20 minutes or so of chit-chat she (wait for it) suddenly pulls two Paul McCartney tickets out of her purse and offers them to me for free! (here is the Serendipity) I ask her why she is giving them away, and she said that a client had given them to her, but her girlfriend she was going to go with backed out at the last minute. I told her that the concert starts in like 45 minutes, and she said that if I promised to go, the tickets were mine. (Funny, just the night before, I had told Julie that I really wanted to see Sir Paul.) I took the tickets, thanked Sherry, paid for her food and drinks and hopped on the bike to go pick Julie up and head to the light rail station. When I got home, Julie was hurrying to get ready. I changed my clothes and went and sat on the couch to wait for her. During that time I noticed that my cat was walking funny, and then she plonked down and howled very loudly and uncomfortably. I was immediately worried about her, but that would have to wait; Jules was ready and our chance to see Sir Paul was getting close.paultix

We went to the light rail station, met a pretty cool couple who were also going to the concert, by the names of Earl and Ena, and when we got to Safeco Field, we made our way to our seats. Just as we pushed through the aisle to our seats, Paul came on! Talk about perfect timing! Needless to say, the concert was absolutely fantastic! Paul covered a ton of Beatles and Wings stuff. Blackbird was present, as was Long and Winding Road, Lucy S.D., All my Lovin’, Maybe I’m Amazed,  Band on the Run, and so so many others! Of course the song I knew would be a big one was Live and Let Die.  Upon Paul’s encore, some friends cam out to join him for the last hour or so. Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear of Nirvana came out and the first song they did together was ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ a Nirvana song that wasn’t. Dave Grohl was on drums for this song. After that, they played with Paul and the rest of the band that Paul had brought with him. It was an amazing treat and a tremendous  stoke of luck that these tickets found their way to me/us. How often do these things happen?

The concert basically came to an end with ‘Carry That Weight’. After all was said and done, we had an amazing evening with Paul. Many don’t know this, but my mother grew up in England, as my grandmother was a Subject to the Crown. She was never a Rolling Stones fan, as she always felt that they were vulgar. She did however instill a love for the Beatles in both my sister and myself. I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to see a Beatle performing his hits and then some.

So we got back on the light rail and headed south. Tired, but with smiles on our faces. Upon returning home, reality set in as our cat was on the living room floor, barely responsive, and obviously in pain, and potentially on her way to the sweet by and by. We made the decision to take her in to emergency and gave them a call.  We got her in and they took her in back. After being there for some time and agreeing to a blood test, they found that it appeared that she must have an infection somewhere in her body. Her white blood cells were elevated, her red blood cells were low, she was anemic, her blood pressure was 50 (should be 120), her temperature was 96 (should be 102), she was basically in shock. We okayed her to stay and be stabilized. We arrived home close to 3:15am and fell asleep around 4am. They stabalized her and by the next day, she was less likely to die. Her blood pressure was up, her temperature was normal. They gave her IV and said she was dehydrated. A urinalysis ensued, and it was determined that she had a UTI that had involved her kidneys, and was most likely suffering from pyleonephritis. She had bacteria in her urine sample. They started her on IV-anti-biotics, and we went in that evening to visit her.


She was in much better spirits than when we had dropped her off, and was very responsive to our presence. We took her some food, because they said she was not taking food. Of course that continued. We decided to pick her up on Sunday morning (the next day) and bring her home. Since that time she has been making a nice recovery. I have been giving her anti-biotics twice a day, and she is basically back to her old self again.  I know that she is an older cat, and that she has now been diagnosed with kidney damage and insufficiency. I have no illusions that she may not last but a few more years. Sure…the money we spent this time was a lot. I will tell you though, that to me, it was worth it. She is a member of our family, and she has been there for me when I have needed her. It was my turn to return the favor, and by doing so, I am able to enjoy her company for a while longer anyway.

So there you have the crazy and amazing events of this past week. I leave you with two videos that I posted to youtube from Paul’s concert. You can’t really see anything, but the audio is pretty good. I also posted a link to the complete setlist from the concert. There are videos that accompany the list, however, they are not all from Seattle. I hope you enjoy! See you tomorrow!

 For the set list, Click Here.



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