NEW! Daily Check In #1

Good morning folks! I know, I know… I promised I’d write, and then I disappeared. Well, I’m here to tell ya that I’m back! Going forward, I plan on posting at least once daily… So here is the first of many to come.
Let me bring you up to speed. So far, this summer has been great. Last Saturday we went to the SUBPOP celebration in Georgetown. Lots of music, food, beer and fun! We had a great time. I have also been riding the Harley all over creation! We went the back way (read country roads) to Monroe, WA on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was amazing.
On the home front, I have been doing a lot of renovation in my backyard. I started by ripping out all the blackberries, ivy and other noxious weeds in my lower tree line. I am now filling that in with a dense layer of mulch. I also re-decked the surface of my deck with choicedek product. I ordered deck boards that were the length of my deck, and then used hidden fasteners. The results were beautiful; the deck has no butt joints or fasteners showing! It look great! See:

Deck-BeforeDeck- After

I have also been working on a new website for myself, and of course when that is finished I will post the link right here, so stay tuned!
Well that’s all for now. Don’t worry though, I will be back again tomorrow.

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