40 is the new 18

I remember when I turned 18. I was interested in only a few things. Hell, I was interested in what most 18-year-old boys without a ton of prudence was interested in. Let’s just say it didn’t get me far. Nevertheless, I stand before you today not really any worse for wear.

This year I turned 40, and I have to say I feel pretty fantastic about it. In many respects it has given me an honest sense of being 18 again. How is that you say? Well, for one thing I feel fresh-faced, and ready for challenges. My curiosity level is as high now as it’s ever been. Further, I feel like I have a direction I am pointing toward. My internal compass is showing me a new direction, and I feel like I am ready to take a new track. Of course being introspective is also a driving force in my feeling of newness. The latest decisions I have made are:

  • I quit smoking (again): Let’s face it, there is no future in smoking. The funniest thing about my smoking is that I am not addicted to nicotine, I just enjoy tobacco. I have probably been smoking 1-2 packs of smokes a week for about 5 or 6 years now. Time to give it up.
  • I have decided to lose at least 50 lbs for good. I mean, really? I am not taking this to the grave with me, nor will I let it take me there either. Time to put up or shut up!
  • I have decided that less is certainly more. I will be attempting to apply this principle to my life.
  • I will be continuing my creativity, and ramping up to get involved with more artistic/creative/technological endeavors.

Let’s face it…we are here, we live…shouldn’t we reach out for the potential we have, just like when we were in our youth? This time though it seems to make more sense than when I was 18. Go figure!

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