Rest In Peace Robert ‘Bob’ Harrison

Someone I love’s father passed on today. It all happened so fast, and at the same time it didn’t. He was 68 years old; far younger than a man should be to be faced with his own mortality. Bob was a family man; loved by his family for being a good example of living life on his own terms. Bob found out that he had throat cancer, and made the attempt to combat the illness that eventually took his life. He went through the chemo and then the radiation, but ultimately the cancer made its way throughout his body.

There is nothing that I can really say about this event. I have both of my parents, who are currently in good health. I can be there for my friend as she deals with the emotions and the logistics of these events. In repose we can reflect on the fact that we have our loved ones and our health for as long as it is afforded us, but that ultimately we are all going together in the same direction.

It is amazing that how we think and feel about ourselves, and our choices in life visit us at these times. Julie was just recently divorced, and interestingly, this was the day of her wedding anniversary as well.

We make choices on how we live, and occasionally how we die. I am saddened by her loss, and recognize the impact that these circumstances will have on her and her family for some time to come. Mourning is a healing process, and we all do this in our own way.

Bob will be missed, but he will also be remembered.

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