The Walking Dead Season 2 finale

The Walking Dead season 2 ended with some amazing action, and some surprises too. Rick stepped up into a newly realized position of power. He finally had enough of being undecided as what to do, and has grabbed hold of the reigns. His revelation to the group that they are all infected came as a surprise to all, and the fact that he put Shane down didn’t quite sit well with his wife. I find that interesting though, since a couple of episodes before, she was acting like she wanted him to take action against Shane. She told him that Shane was dangerous, and couldn’t be trusted. It seems her feelings for Shane had resurfaced shortly before Rick took him out. The fact that they lost two key players at the end of the season seems to suggest that no one is safe, and kicks the drama up significantly. The introduction of a new character in the form of  Michonne (Danai Gurira) will reveal new abilities, as well as a new ally in the fight to survive.

What was your favorite event of the season 2 finale? What do you think will happen when the group meets Michonne? Will Rick and Lori blow apart?

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