Reflecting on the speed of time

As I approach my fortieth year this year, I feel like I am just about to start my life again. I suppose in a sense I am. If my life expectency is around 80 years, I have reached the half way point. So I have been taking stock of what I am getting right, and things I need to dial in a bit better than I have so far. Life’s little epiphanies often reveal themselves when one looks for them, you know?

I spoke with my aunt today for the first time in perhaps nine or ten years. I almost couldn’t beieve it had been so long. She is my grandfather’s sister, and soon to be 85 years old. I called her in response to the feeling that if I don’t pay creedence to those in my life that “I’ve been meaning to contact” I may not have the opportunity later on. Let’s face it, year by year all of our  “later ons” are diminishing. I have been doing a lot of this contacting over the last decade or so. When my grandfather died back in 2000, I had regret that I had not spent more of my “adult” years with him. I slowly but surely started to acknowledge that life is short, and one way or another we need to stay in touch, and we need to reach out to those whom we have had a relationship with, and let them know that they are remembered.

I have been continually attempting to learn new skills and strategies, as well as gleening as much information I can in the fields that interest me. This also has to do with the speed of time. Now I need to put some of that good knowledge to practical use, and get ready for the second half of my life when it arrives mid year. Great things are getting ready to transpire in my life, and I am ready to shift gears. So time be damned…BRING IT ON!

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