Dubbed Out Social Media

Happy Friday everyone! You will notice a new button to the right labeled social media. This is because last night I launched my discussion blog about social media called: Dubbed Out Social Media. Why did I call it that you ask? Great question. The reason is that I wanted to have some sort of heavy-hitting, gangsta-type, hip-hop, high-profile social media group that represents what I feel the social media trend engenders in me.

Social media is the Cadillac of digital media marketing in my opinion. The why is simple: we are now experiencing a consumer driven marketplace. The web has made this possible. No longer do we shop by the price or the information the salesperson is giving us, oh no. We go online and we review the product, the company, the competition. We read peer reviews, and we buy with all of these things in mind. Companies no longer have the luxury of business as usual. To stay in the game they need to be listening to their customers.

Dubbed Out Social Media is my spot to discuss the trends and changes in the social media environment. A place to start conversations and meet like-minded professionals in the realm of social media. It is a place to network, to teach, to learn and to share.

If you are interested come be a part of this blog!

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