So I am sitting here at my favorite coffee shop, Mike’s Community Cup. I am drinking my triple shot, and typing this post. I am a regular here, and Mike and I shoot the shit like he is my bartender. Funny what we tell the people who are for all intents and purposes strangers to us, and yet they know us pretty well. They know how we like our coffee, what we order to eat on a regular basis, who we are known to associate with. They overhear our conversations that we have with others in their presence. They also know what we decide to share with them.

Mike’s is a comfortable little place to hang out. Small, but bright with lots of windows, comfortable sitting area, and free Wi-Fi. I have sat in here for four hours at a time before. He never complains, he is one of the good ones, that, if things were how they used to be, you’d have a Mike in every regular establishment you frequent, or person you hire for whatever reason. I suppose in this modern world, relationships are still an integral part of my positive experience when I decide to patronize a business. I am a repeat customer forever if I get service and genuine people to do business with.

Mikes Community Cup

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