In my minds eye.

Ah, 2012. Some say it is the end of us, to me, it is my new beginning. I mean perhaps not literally, but this is my new blog. I have decided that the scope of things should be relevant to who I am. Obviously, for those who know me, that is a big bite to chew. I, however, will attempt to focus on introducing you to the facets of me that fascinate me everyday.

Some of my interests are as follows:

  • Social media – This is the medium that has changed our world. Communication, news, connections, information all relevant to social media, and it’s ability to reach out.
  • Design – I am a slave to aesthetics! I love brilliant design, and I am a slave to the Mid-Century modern, minimalist, Bauhaus, atomic era, Herman Miller, and many other revolutionary designs and styles.
  • Music – Yes, everyone loves music in some capacity. I love most music. I have varying degrees of interest in many different genres, but right now I love anything that Radiohead is doing, I also am enjoying The White Buffalo.
me and Jake "The White Buffalo" @ the Tractor Tavern, Seattle
Jake (the White Buffalo) and me.
  • Harley Davidson – I love to ride, and I have had this passion for over a decade now. I have had three Hogs, and I will always have one so that I can feel the freedom that only a motorcyclist can understand.

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