2016…Already EXCELLENT!

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I’ve been a slacker. I know, I promise to post and that is right out the window. Well let’s get up to speed shall we?

2015 ended in a somewhat surreal manner. Right at the end of the year the dealerships I was working for as the Digital Marketing Manager for the last 2.5 years decided to sell to AutoNation and CarPros. So right before Christmas I was out o a job! Luckily I was connected with a great guy who owns a little media company in Fremont, and I managed to shift gears without too much stress and without too much grief.

One big highlight of last year is that I lost 45 lbs by years end. My goal was 62 lbs, but hey, there is always 2016 right? The weight loss has been a somewhat passive affair; I reduce what I eat, I walk a bit more and there you go. Well, not this year. This year I will be incorporating vast amounts of activity to my game plan.

2016 is off to a great start; great things are happening, and if I can get myself into a schedule to live by, then you should start seeing more posts by yours truly coming soon, right here on Creatively Modified Behavior. Stay tuned.


Beauty all around me…

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It’s Sunday morning. The sun is shining, the birds are returning to my yard. Spring is on the way! I am feeling pretty damn good! I am now down 22 lbs, I am feeling like I can accomplish anything these days. Such a huge change over the last 5 years. I was feeling old. I was feeling spent. Life is a young man’s game, and I was feeling like I was spiraling. However, choice is everything. We choose if we are done or if we have just begun. I have a fantastic woman in my corner, I have a new policy on living life. I have a new dialogue within myself and I have discipline and accountability for my decisions. Okay enough psycho-self-affirmation stuff.

Yesterday I again tackled the english ivy on the north side of the house. That stuff is tenacious! I am teaching it who is boss though. Little by little I will tame it down, and get it under control… just like I did in the lower yard two years ago. My motorcycle is almost done with the handlebar upgrade. If I hadn’t gotten a brake line that was made incorrectly, I would already be riding her! Patience wins the day, so I will wait for everything to get buttoned up, knowing that this beautiful weather is just getting started.

Work is going well. Always lots to do, and no shortage of challenges. I am a good fit where I am, and yet my innate restless nature beckons me to look at my options and find a new career that is monetarily superior. I believe the right decision now is to stay the course, build value, learn, and then re-evaluate next year.

Well folks… that’s it for me. I am signing off. See ya next week.

Back for more!

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So here I am! I told you I’d be posting once a week from now on. Yeah I know, I’m squeaking in under the wire if you start your week on Sunday…

Anyway, what’s new? Well I am down to 290 now. Starting at 307 that’s 17 lbs. I’m on a roll! 

Today I got with it, and went out in my side yard and started attacking the English ivy that has made itself at home, basically squeezing out all else. I made some great headway there, though it beat me up this go around.

Me and the lil lady went out and bought a stovetop wok for a dish that was surprisingly good when I got it done. 

As you know, I have given up on carbs, so I am looking to enjoy some of my favorite meals carb free. I found a recipe the other day for fried rice, using cauliflower for the rice and then the rest is fairly standard. This was a huge undertaking and I left the kitchen a mess, but the results were superb!

A big round of applause to my lil prep chef who cut everything up and measured all of the ingredients for me. She also cleaned up my mess when I was done… The meal was however, fantastic!

What else is new? Well, I get my motorcycle back tomorrow. Had some new handle bars installed, amongst a few other things… I am looking forward to riding her, and testing out the new grips.

Well… That’s all for now. I think I am going to go relax with my sugar pop. Have a terrific Saturday night!

Another New Chance… (#…umm… who knows…)

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Yes! Here I am again! Been a while, but I am here to tell you, I am still alive and kicking. So what’s been up? I am in my 43rd year this year. At the top of the year I found myself fatter than I have ever been in my life! I know, I know… “don’t worry about it… at least you’re tall.” I have heard that, but that ain’t gettin’ it for me. I made a promise to myself that I would never… let me repeat… NEVER… cross the 300 lbs threshold, and yet I was tipping the scale at almost 310 lbs! What to do, what to do. I considered dieting, more exercise, so many options and considerations.  The reality is that I have to unravel the mystery of me and my genetics.

Once upon a time I did Atkins and I lost 27 lbs. I lost many waste sizes and I was pretty happy with the results. The problem was that at that point in my life, I wasn’t ready to change my lifestyle for good.  I did what I needed to to see a result, then back to my ways I went. What happened? Well what do you think? I gained all of it back, plus a few bonus lbs to boot!

Recently, I have reevaluated my current situation and decided, Atkins worked for me before, I will adopt a lower carb diet, and see what happens. I cut the following: Bread, pasta, rice, corn, potatoes and refined sugar. This includes all by-products of said list, and any combo thereof. I kept fruit (think an apple a day, raspberries, strawberries etc) and I have other carb containing foods (in moderation) such as beans, dairy and some vegetables. I may get a bun or 5-10 corn chips once a week, but that is it. I am now, as of today at 294 lbs. Not much exercise, but tons of will power and discipline. I have noticed many bodily changes. Clothes fitting much loser, as my body adjusts and shrinks; my joints don’t hurt, skin is amazingly clear, energy levels are up, as is the ol’ libido.

Meanwhile, my career is in full swing, home life is perfecto, and dreams and aspirations are transpiring and in full swing. I said I’d go down swinging, but I realized I am in this fight… I am not going down…I am not going anywhere! I am here NOW!

I will check back in once a week or more going forward. I’ll make an effort to congress with you, my followers (the few out there that think this story is interesting) and fill you in as my success continues.

My ultimate goal is to weigh in at the same weight I was in H.S. 248. That means 62 lbs… well 48 lbs left now… STAY TUNED TRUE BELIEVERS!

Serendipity and a Matter of Life and Death

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I know, I know…I told you I’d post everyday. In all fairness, it has been a week out of the ordinary. So the meat and potatoes…

Friday last, I was out riding my motorcycle around in Cumberland and Selleck and other backroads close to home. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and I felt amazing. Continue reading

Summertime is for riding

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I took out the Road Glide for a little evening cruising tonight. Basically, my gal came home and said she really wanted to go for a ride. I know what that means. She had a busy day at work and wanted to lose herself in the road, the

Continue reading

NEW! Daily Check In #1

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Good morning folks! I know, I know… I promised I’d write, and then I disappeared. Well, I’m here to tell ya that I’m back! Going forward, I plan on posting at least once daily… So here is the first of many to come.
Let me bring you up to speed. So far, this summer has been great. Last Saturday we went to the SUBPOP celebration in Georgetown. Lots of music, food, beer and fun! We had a great time. I have also been riding the Harley all over creation! We went the back way (read country roads) to Monroe, WA on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was amazing.
On the home front, I have been doing a lot of renovation in my backyard. I started by ripping out all the blackberries, ivy and other noxious weeds in my lower tree line. I am now filling that in with a dense layer of mulch. I also re-decked the surface of my deck with choicedek product. I ordered deck boards that were the length of my deck, and then used hidden fasteners. The results were beautiful; the deck has no butt joints or fasteners showing! It look great! See:

Deck-BeforeDeck- After

I have also been working on a new website for myself, and of course when that is finished I will post the link right here, so stay tuned!
Well that’s all for now. Don’t worry though, I will be back again tomorrow.